About this Web Platform

This Web Platform – under construction, as well as the Bioceanic Corridor it serves – is executed in compliance with the first specific objective of the Agreement “Building capacities for the Bioceanic Corridor”, BIP Code 40013501-0, signed between the Regional Government of Antofagasta and the Universidad Católica del Norte, through its Institute of Regional Applied Economics, after the approval of the project submitted to the 2018 Fund for Innovation and Competitiveness contest, whose objectives are the following:

General objective:

Build and strengthen regional capacities around the Bioceanic Corridor for the consolidation of the Antofagasta Region as a logistics and value-adding platform for merchandise in transit through its territory.

Specific objectives:

  1. Implement an open and updated information platform, which allows access to relevant information for the different regional actors around the Bioceanic Corridor
  2. Unify visions and discourses around the Bioceanic Corridor, carrying out an analysis of regional stakeholders and proposing productive and service innovations for regional economic diversification, derived from the Corridor.
  3. Make an assessment of the potential economic and social impacts of the Bioceanic Corridor in the Antofagasta Region